Tradinate Co., Ltd. (hereinafter the “Company”) makes an effort to respect the customer’s privacy for them to use its website securely. In obtaining and using management Personal Information, the Company deals with it following policies as shown below based on Personal Information Protection Law.

Handling of personal information

The Personal Information refers to information that identify a specific individual such as a customer’s name, address, phone number, email address, etc., received by this Company website.

Obtaining personal information

As a general rule, the personal information gathered through this website by the Company shall be provided willingly by the user. The Company shall specify the reasons for use while limiting the scope of information to the extent necessary.

Use of personal information

The Personal Information provided by users of this website shall be used within the limits of purpose the Company stated. The Company shall not provide any Personal Information to any other third party without obtaining prior consent from the customer, unless provided for otherwise by law.

Management of personal information

The Personal Information will be managed properly by the Company, and the Company shall take measures to prevent leakage, falsification, destruction and loss of the Personal Information. The Company shall make sure to delete unnecessary Personal Information.

Coverage of the policy

This privacy policy applies to only the Company website.